Global Commodities

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Reliably delivering goods across the globe for our customers.
Locating the best sources and exceeding customer expectations.

The Osirius Trading Company (OTC) brings unmatched logistical expertise in delivering commodity goods to local communities for our global customers.

With our global expertise in logistics and delivery of commodities to the far reaches of the earth, we deliver essential staple foods and infrastructure elements for our clients. We utilize the best of producers and work with key partners to satisfy the needs of our customers. We source food products such as sugar, rice, wheat, peas, lentils and the like in bulk volumes, bringing the best available pricing to bear.

Many developing nations require core infrastructure supplies like cement, metals and minerals in order to develop their roads, bridges and industrial capabilities. OTC delivers these assets through our world-class supply-chain network of producers, suppliers and carriers.

Our focus is on providing a customized service to our clients which maximizes value to their projects and, while we are able to carry out the program management tasks with a high degree of certified skill, they are merely the means by which we deliver a service to our clients which is reliable and value-added to achieving their goals.

* Each project varies in size and scope and is customized to customer needs